Before Writing Native Code

Before writing the Native code, you will need to use javah and javap to get information for the JNI native code.

Any changes to the signatures for any of the Java methods using the native keyword may change the header file for all of the methods using the native keyword in that class.

Building Code

The following is the set of Maven commands that I used to build the jar file.

mvn clean compile javadoc:javadoc package

Creating Documentation

I am currently using Javadoc to create documentation for the Java classes used in the application. The Javadoc tool is run as part of the Maven build process.

At this time, I am using Doxygen to create the documentation for the C language files. I have added a Doxygen configuration file in the project directory (Doxyfile), but you may need to make some changes for your personal development environment.

Installing Snapshots in Repository

See this page for information on how to install a snapshot jar file in your local repository so that you can use it. If the jar file was created by a recent version of Apache Maven, you can use the command

mvn install:install-file -Dfile=<path-to-file>
where <path-to-file> is the location of the jar file.

When I created my own snapshot build, I set the version to 1.1BR-SNAPSHOT, so that the] artifact can by retrieved as