Objective-C Examples

This includes a number of Objective-C Xcode projects. The Git repository is located at https://www.github.com/BradleyRoss/ObjectiveC-Examples while this page is located at https://BradleyRoss.github.io/ObjectiveC-Examples


This package displays some menus and allows the selection of a number of demonstration pieces of code for CoreMIDI and manipulation of windows. The code for working with MIKMIDI had to be deactivated because the MIKMIDI libraries don't appear to work with the ARM architecture.

See here for more information.


The classic HelloWorld example from the XCode samples.


This illustrates the nature of a number of constants involved in selecting MIDI properties. It also illustrates some string operations.

Deprecated projects

These are some projects that are no longer supported because of problems with the code. The functionality has been moved to the BRossTools project.

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