CoreMIDI, BRossTools, and Related Items

A few related pages are listed below.

I also used Doxygen to document some of the software libraries.


The project BRossTools is part of the GitHub repository BradleyRoss/ObjectiveC-Examples and keeps a number of samples of Objective-C code. The Doxygen documentation for this project can be found here.

When the executable is run, it displays a menu whose options are listed below. There are in the order they appear in the window together with the caption for each menu item. The item before the caption is the internal code for the menu item. After the caption, some of the classes, methods, and functions that are used in the case are listed. The code for creating the button and their actions can be found in the class mainMenu.

Apple Frameworks

The software libraries from Apple are divided into frameworks. In many of the frameworks, there is an identifying prefix at the beginning of the names, however this is not consistent. Some frameworks do not have an identifying prefix, and many related frameworks share a prefix.


I ran the C header file for the CoreMIDI framework through Doxygen and posted the results here. I have been comparing the information with the Developer Documentation for Core MIDI. This needs to be examined further. An annotated list of some of the CoreMIDI data structures can be found here.

CoreMIDI Examples from Internet

I have been searching the internet for examples of Objective-C code using the CoreMIDI library. Unfortunately, I have had a problem finding examples newer that ten years old. It appears that many of these examples use API's that are deprecated and it appears that I will have to review all of the samples that I find.

Some general information about MIDI can be found at the following locations.