Web Sites

There are a number of web sites devoted almost exclusively to MIDI.

  1. www.midi.org This appears to be the official site for MIDI developers. It contains a number of reference materials.

  2. OpenJDK - The Sound Group This group is responsible for the OpenJDK's group efforts in relation to the packages starting with javax.sound.

  3. http://ardour.org Open source provider of digital audio workstation (DAW).

  4. https://www.snoize.com/MIDIMonitor/

  5. http://computermusicresource.com/midiprogramming.html

Tutorials and Articles

  1. MIDI code A tutorial (PDF) on MIDI from Juan P. Bello at New York University.

  2. DT08/DT079 Music Technology Course notes by Thomas Scarff at Dublin Institute of Technology

  3. Introduction to Computer Music: Volume One by Indiana University Jacobs School of Music Center for Electronic and Computer Music

  4. MIDI tutorial for programmers by the Carnegie Mellon School of Music.

  5. MIDI Tutorial - learn.sparkfun.com

  6. MIDI tutorial for programmers


  8. What Is MIDI?: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

  9. What is MIDI? - What is MIDI? | HowStuffWorks
  10. Max 7 - Max MIDI Tutorial 1: Basic MIDI

  11. Overview of the MIDI Package (The Java™ Tutorials > Sound)

  12. Music Software Development - Information, Tools and Tutorials

  13. Skytopia Midi spec crash course

  14. Welcome to Karl Brown's MIDI Java Servlet and web programming home page

Apple Programming Guides

  1. Core Audio
  2. Technical Q&A QA1374 - Obtaining the name of an external MIDI Device from a MIDI Endpoint
  3. Core MIDI
  4. Wat does dollar sign mean in Objective-C
  5. Donya Quick Working with MIDI on Mac (OS X)

Apple IAC MIDI Driver

IAC stnds for Inter Application Communications.

Windows Programming Guides

  1. Donya Quick, Working with MIDI on Windows (Outside of a DAW).
  2. Software Projects

    1. CoreMidi4J uses the JNI (Java Native Interface) to conntect the standard Java MIDI API to the Core Audio framework on Mac OS X as opposed to using the Core Java Application.

    2. JOrgan (Wiki)

    3. midi-music ( Documentation) This is my personal project for trying to write some MIDI software. It is a work in progress.

    4. Java Sound Resources A number of sample programs involving Java applications for sampled sound and MIDI.

      The page Java Sound Resources: Examples: MIDI: Playback and Recording has a description of the programs. However, it appears that Java Sound Resources ( http://www.jsresources.org ) has not been updated since 2013. Many of the programs require modification and use libraries that are no longer supported.

    5. cwilso/midi-synth: A MIDI-driven Web Audio synthesizer

    6. FortySevenEffects/arduino_midi_library: MIDI for Arduino

    7. The Hairless MIDI<->Serial Bridge

    8. Edisyn eclab/edisyn This is a Synthesizer Patch Editor by Sean Luke at George Mason University.

    9. SMerrony/EWItool

    10. deepower/p-visuals

    11. OpenMidi, the free MIDI synthesizer

    12. Playmidi: Play midi files via external midi devices or soft synth

    13. Frinika - Free open source DAW, MIDI sequencer, software synthesizers

    Free MIDI Libraries

    1. Traditional Scottish Tunes in Midi Format

    2. The Kitchen Musician Website

    3. Medieval Melodies for Filking