Creating Documentation

Without documentation, all software packages are difficult to use and maintain. It is the amount of documentation that needs to be determined. Fortunately, there are a number of tools that will produce fairly useful documentation for a relatively small amount of effort.

Doxygen and XCode


Creating Git Branch gh-pages

When using Git, there is a special branch named gh-pages. This branch is used for the documentation of the project. This section will describe how to create, populate, and access this branch. My fork of the CoreMidi4J project can be found at The gh-pages branch contains a web site and site can be viewed at (The URL for viewing the gh-pages branch is case sensitive.)

Many of the file names for files generated by Doxygen begin with an underscore character. The site uses a package known as Jekyll that treats files starting with underscores as Jekyll configuration files. In order to prevent Jekyll from interfering with the documentation, it is necessary to place a file named .nojekyll in the root directory of the gh-pages branch.

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