Maven tasks

Creating the Java code

The native keyword in Java indicates that the actual code will be accessed via a JNI procedure.

Creating Java Native Interface (JNI) Headers

The javah will read a set of java source files and create a C header file for all of the methods using the native keyword. In maven, the javah program is called using the exec-maven-plugin (groupId:org.codehaus.mojo, artifactId:exec-maven-plugin). In the current pom.xml file, the procedure is marked as belonging to the process-classesi phase and the exec goal. However, the Eclipse IDE complains that the process-classes phase is not supported.

In the pom.xml file, the plugin executes javah by running against the following files and then putting the header file in Native/CoreMidi4J/CoreMidi4J.h

If there are any changes to the header file, the C++ (.cpp) files will have to be rewritten to correspond to the new version of the header file. It would probably be best to put notes in the code for the Java classes listed above that any changes to the native methods will require rerunning javah and modifying the C++ code. Since running javah will therefore produce code that is either unchanged or incorrect, it would seem that execution of this program should not be part of the pom.xml.

Compile the native C code using XCODE

The exec-maven-plugin plugin is also used to create the dynamic library using XCODE. Having this repeated for each build can be justified since software updates may be needed for fixes to the development environment. The maven-resources-plugin is then used to copy the library to the correct location. Both of these are listed as being executed in the prepare-package phase and they should be executed in the order that they appear in the pom.xml file.

Generate Javadocs

I would reccomend placing the Javadocs on the GitHub repository so that they be accessed by other builds. (See The websites are stored as the gh-pages branch of a project. (Create the branch using git branch --orphan gh-pages. This disconnects it from the code branches. You can then delete the files that are currently there and insert the files for the website.)


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